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Amieva is a small town in Asturias in northern Spain. The place is situated on the edge of the popular mountain range Picos de Europa.

The Sella River flows through the district and its economy is mainly based on agriculture and the famous Bevos cheese.

Amieva is not really known for its architectural masterpieces. It is appreciated for the beautiful nature in its surroundings, but here are a few examples of Asturian legacy.

The church of Santa Maria de Milan is probably the oldest building that has withstood the centuries despite damage and rebuilding. The church of San Pedro de Vegas is definitely worth a visit with its uplifting history.

In the vicinity are several small chapels reflecting the importance of the Christian religion in the area.

Amieva is not very touristic but when you visit the place and its surrounding you will not forget your visit easily.

The area of the Picos de Europa is breathtaking and worth a few days of your time in order to enjoy its nature. The mountain range is located not even 25 km from the coast. The Picos is a national reserve spread over three provinces. It is green, rugged and intersected by many rivers and gorges.

The Picos is an ideal place for an active holiday. Those who like to hike, bike, climb, swim, fish, camp, etc. will find many opportunities to practice their beloved sport while admiring the beautiful views. When tired of all the sportive efforts you can always take a rest at one of the splendid beaches at the coast.

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