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Antequera is a city in Andalusia in southern Spain. It is situated 47 km north of Málaga and has 30,000 inhabitants.

The town lies at the foot of the mountain range of El Torcal and El Arco Calizo Chimenea at 575 meters above sea level. The town overlooks a valley on the north side of the river Guadalhorce. The location of the city is impressive and has many remnants like its ancient city walls and a Moorish castle, which is located on a rock overlooking the city.

The bullring of the city dates back to 1848, and was reconstructed from 1984 in a mixture of different styles that reflects the city’s architectural influences. The bullring is widely regarded as one of the finest arenas in Spain.

On the hill in the historic town rises a Moorish fortress. This is newly renovated and since a couple of years open to the public. The wall system of the medina consists of two parts: the Alcazaba itself, covering the entire hilltop, and a ring which runs down from the Puerta de la Villa to the Torreblanca. The main tower is the Torre del Homenaje, a square tower which was mainly used by soldiers. One enters the tower via a portcullis on both sides flanked with massive pillars. On top of this tower a bell tower was built in the year 1582.

Near the entrance of the Alcazaba you can find the Arco de los Gigantes. This impressive triumphal arch, designed by the architect Francisco de Azurriola, was built in the year 1585.

The Iglesia del Carmen, was completely renovated in 2008. The church is a fine example of Baroque architecture which characterizes so many churches in Antequera. The church now serves as a museum.

The nature reserve El Torcal de Antequera is a protected nature reserve since 1989. The remarkable rock formations of the mountains are caused by the upward pressure of volcanic activity in combination with wind erosion. The area has a unique flora and fauna. The area is one of the most impressive limestone sceneries in Europe.

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