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Asturias is an autonomous region in the north of Spain, between the regions Galicia and Cantabria. Oviedo is the capital and the region has 1,085,000 inhabitants.

Asturias has a special place in Spanish history as it was the only Christian area of the Iberian Peninsula not in Moorish possession during the middle ages.

The Reconquista started in this region. The battle for the liberation of the peninsula from of the Moorish occupation.

There is a spectacular coastline along the Bay of Biscay, interspersed with steep cliffs, small coves, fishing villages, holiday resorts and beaches. The Playa Poniento and Playa San Lorenzo in Gijón are amongst the best.

The city also has several museums and an interesting history. Castropol is a pearl located on an impressive hill. Dominating here are the beautiful white church the Iglesia de Santiago and the Valledor palace.

In Aviles you will find many architectural monuments in the old center with its narrow streets and great squares. Oviedo, the capital of the region, welcomes you with its fascinating historical heritage around its many plazas.

When you leave the coast and travel south you will be soon in the mountains of the Picos de Europa. The Picos is an excellent area for anyone who loves nature and all kinds of sport activities like walking, cycling, swimming, canoeing, horseback riding, rock climbing, fishing, etc. The mountain lakes in Covadonga you certainly may not miss.

Asturias is known for its great cheeses. There are several types of cow and goat cheeses. The most famous the Cabrales is a blue-veined cheese produced from cow's milk

Asturias is also famous for its Sidra (cider). Almost every village has its own variety and there are bodegas scattered over the whole region.

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