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Cadaqués is a small fishing village in the Spanish region of Catalonia. The town has 2,800 inhabitants. Cadaqués is located in the bay near Cap de Creus. Until the early 20th century, the village was virtually cut off from the historical region of Empordà.

This secluded location made it attractive for tourists. Many artists settled temporarily in the village such as Picasso, Miró and Lorca. Salvador Dali had a villa just outside Cadaqués in Port Lligat. Today, the number of visitors in the summer months rise up to ten times the population.

Salvador Dali came in 1930 to Port Lligat to live there in a small fisherman's cottage. Over a period of forty years he bought houses which he connected to each other. Thus arose gradually the famous Dali house which is actually a labyrinth with uneven areas, winding and sometimes blind corridors.

Dali worked here until 1982 when, after the death of his wife Gala, he moved to the castle in Púbol. The result is a wonderful museum filled with objects from Dali's life. There are three areas identified in the museum. The part where Dali spent his life, where he worked and a part where he met his visitors. In addition of art you will find antique furniture, carpets, etc.

The Cap de Creus peninsula is one of the largest protected reserves of Catalunya. There are two land areas in this park: the Cap de Creus with its lighthouse and the Cap Nerfeu where traces of volcanic activity have recently been discovered.

Spectacular geological rocks are the striking features of this park. It does not take much imagination to recognize dragons, camels, eagles and other shapes in the rock formations.

For nature lovers, the park is very interesting for its endemic flora and fauna. The park is also ideal for hiking and diving. Cap de Creus has a beautiful coastline with coves where you can relax, swim, splash, dive while enjoying nature.

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