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Cádiz is the port city of Andalusia. Many goods are imported or exported from this harbour and a fishing fleet has its base here as well. Ferry services connect the mainland with the Canary Islands. Cádiz is the oldest citiy of Europe and home port of the Spanish navy since the 18th century. Thanks to Columbus the city had a monopoly on the routes to Central America.

The remains of the Roman Theater in Cádiz were discovered in 1980. The theater was probably built in the first century BC, and was one of the greatest of the Roman Empire. In the 13th century a fortress was built on the ruins. The theater had a diameter of more than 120 meters and could seat up to 20,000 visitors.


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Something to put on your list of places to visit is the chapel La Cueva Santa (Holy Cave). In the 18th century a fraternity came together here every week in the Rosario chapel to meditate. In the year 1756 they found an underground cave, which they started to use for their religious meetings. This chapel has a very somber décor. It has a beautiful altar with interesting sculptures. The Rosario chapel has a silver altar and some paintings of Goya.

For an overview of Spanish paintings you can visit the Museum of Cádiz. The museum owns 21 Zurberan paintings, which are seen as the pride of Cádiz. There are also paintings of Ribera and Murillo. There is a special section with archaeological finds.

One of the best and cozy beaches of Cádiz is the Playa Caleta. Locals and tourists mix together to enjoy the sun and the sea. There are several fish restaurants where you can taste the excellent pescaito frito, fried platters of assorted fish, and the famous dish of the town.

Have a stroll around the old town as it is very striking. Part of the 18th century walls are still proudly protecting the city. Worth to visit is the Cathedral and the churches of Santa Cruz and San Felipe Neri. Many narrow streets open onto small charming squares with many surprises of interesting architecture.

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