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Carcabuey is a village city located in the province of Córdoba. The place surrounds a castle on a hilltop, a environment full of legends and mysteries.

The castle has its origins in medieval times and houses the hermitage of the Virgin of María Santísima del Castillo de Carcabuey.

When you visit it you will notice the cast away personal belongings like crutches and other aids hanging on the walls. The virgin was believed to perform miracles and she is still honoured by the local population.

The small village is a charming place with cozy streets and offers great views over the surrounding area as it is build on a hill.

The village has some examples of Cordoban architecture. Visit the church Nuestra Señora de la Asunción to check this interesting building style for yourself.

There are some archeological sites in the neighbourhood going back to Paleolithic times as well as remains from Roman and Moorish settlements.

Carcabuey is famous for its typical Andalucian handicrafts. If you are looking for handmade products from grass, reeds, wood, baskets and mats than you are at the right place.

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