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Cardona is a small fortified city in the province of Barcelona in the Spanish autonomous region of Catalunya. The town started at the foot of the castle of Cardona. The hilltop castle was built in 886 by Count Wilfred I built.

One of the strangest monuments of Cardona is the Pont del Diable, the Devil's Bridge, an unfinished Gothic bridge over the river Cardener. Of the five planned arches there are only the two central arches with a length of 59 meters and an average height of 22 meters. The arches consist of large blocks of stone with lime mortar attached.

The gate Portal de Graells is one of the four gates of Cardona. The gate was built in 1402 and has two towers. The gate was built by Count Folic VI who wanted a tower in his city in each quarter.

The Canonica The San Vincente is a Romanesque church dedicated to Saint Vincent of Saragossa. The church was initially a simple chapel which was first mentioned in 980. Thanks to generous donations of lords, the chapel was extended to a large collegiate church in 1019. In the 18th century the church was converted into a barracks which put an end to her religious life. In 1952 began the restoration of the ruined church. The church has a typical Catalan Romanesque architecture with a beautiful Gothic cloister and some well-preserved frescoes inside.


The Torre del Botxi (Executioner's House) is a house just outside the medieval town situated not far from the Portal Graells. The building dates from the 12th century. The building looks like a tower but was actually the home of the executioner, who, thanks to his unpopularity had to live outside the city. Cardona was one of the last places that still had an executioner in the 18th century.

The Capalla the Santa Eulalia is a chapel in the center of town. The chapel stood at an important crossroads in the 12th century. The chapel was maintained with gifts and inheritances, but fell into disuse in the 19th century. At the end of the century the chapel was restored by Jeroni Franch. In the chapel is an alabaster statue of Eulàlia and two paintings with scenes of the saint from the 20th century.

The area of Cardona is interesting to make trips; there is the Montaña de Sal cultural park, the waterfalls in the river Llobregat and the Cadi-Moixeró nature. Along the way you can enjoy views of the typical Spanish peasant houses and old farms.

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