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Castile and León

Castile and León is the largest autonomous region of Spain with a population of 2.5 million inhabitants. The capital is Valladolid.

Castile and Leon were separate kingdoms in the Middle Ages, which in 1301 were permanently united under the crown of Castile. Together with other Christian Iberian kingdoms they took part in the Reconquista, the reconquest of Iberia from the Moors.

Valladolid has its unfinished cathedral. The construction started in the 16th century. The church is linked to the Diocesan Museum where carvings can be found.

The Museo Nacional de Escultura is quite famous at an international level and consists of four buildings, including the Palacio de Villena and the church Iglesia de San Benito. There are images exhibited from the 18th and 19th centuries mainly from Spain.

Burgos has its ancient gateway in the Arco de Santa Maria, which is perfectly preserved. The gate was built in the 14th century, looks like the entrance of a castle with its round towers and arched entrance. In the Archaeological Museum are Roman headstones, Visigoth and Moorish sarcophagi. Showpiece is the decorated enamel front part of a tomb.

The Plaza Mayor of Salamanca is one of the finest examples of a square filled with Baroque architecture. At the nearby Plaza del Corrillo stand the Romanesque church of San Martin and a series of stone houses with entrance columns that resemble the days of the week. For an art exhibition, you can visit the Capilla de la Vera Cruz, a Baroque church with a Renaissance façade.

In Segovia, at the confluence of the rivers Eresma and Clamores, is the Alcazar castle. This is one of the architectural highlights of the city. The castle is situated on a mountaintop and dates from 1120. The castle has a Gothic-Romanesque style and inside the castle there are also Mudéjar influences.

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