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Castile La Mancha


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Castile La Mancha

Castile La Mancha is an autonomous region located in the southeast of Spain. The capital city is Toledo and the region has a population of 2.1 million inhabitants.

La Mancha is the area where the famous Spanish tale of Don Quixote takes place. La Mancha remains a symbol of Spanish culture; a windy plateau with vineyards, sunflowers, mushrooms, olive trees, windmills and manchego cheese.

In Albacete is the Museo Provincial worth a visit. The museum is in the Abelardo Sanchez Park and emphasizes the significant development of the regional culture and art. The museum is divided into subsections as fine art, archeology and ethnology. The Joaquin Sanchez Jiminez Archaeological Museum has a large collection of Roman artifacts, art and tools, and objects from the Neolithic and Paleolithic times.

Santa Maria la Blanca is a museum and former synagogue in Toledo, Built in 1180, it is considered the oldest synagogue in Europe. Its style and cultural classification is unique because Islamic architects built it in the time of the Christian Kingdom of Castile for Jewish use. It is seen as a symbol of cooperation between the three cultures that housed in the Iberian Peninsula during the Middle Ages.

In Toledo is the Castillo de San Servando a tourist attraction. This castle was built in 1088 and is located directly on the Tagus. San Servando was initially used as a monastery, but was later converted into a fortress to withstand attacks from the Moors. At the foot of the Castillo de San Servando is the Puente de Alacántara, an arch bridge over the Tagus. The bridge is of Roman origin and was one of the entrances to the city for pilgrims in the Middle Ages .

Anyone who is interested in the story of Don Quixote has to visit the Museo del Quixote in Ciudad Real where you can find everything about the hero of Cervantes book. There are paintings, illustrations and a library with 3,500 books.

If you like to see the famous windmills you have to visit Campo de Criptana.

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