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Cerdanya is a region in the eastern Pyrenees. The area is divided into a French (49.7%) and Spanish (50.3%) part. Historically, it was one of the Catalan counties. The region has 26,500 inhabitants, of which 53.4% on Spanish territory. Cerdanya was established in 1659 in the Treaty of the Pyrenees between Spain and France. The capital of the region is Puigcerdà.

Like other areas in the Pyrenees Cerdanya leans very much on tourism for its economy. Walking, hiking, skiing and spa are popular activities here. Interesting are the guided tours through the area. The guides entertain you with history, stories, fantasies, and the traditions of Cerdanya whilst you can enjoy nature. The same applies to mountain biking, there are many possibilities for interesting routes to take. And what about Nordic walking, a healthy sport for young and old. Good for your muscles and your posture. You can do this under the guidance of skilled guides and there are instructors for beginners. Enjoy nature while you work on your health.

The Cerdà Museum in Puigcerdà is a project aimed at showing its visitors the history, culture and natural heritage of the region Cerdanya. It is still a project in progress so that parts are still to be added.

Visit the village Llivia, a Spanish enclave in France. The village is two kilometers from the Spanish border in French territory. Very interesting here is the Esteve pharmacy. This is one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe and dates from the Middle Ages (15th century). There is a collection alberellos to see, ceramic pots from the 16th and 17th centuries that were used for storing medicines. There is also a collection of ancient and important recipe books. There are laboratory instruments, Renaissance boxes with portraits of saints, a collection of glass from the 19th century and a beautiful old baroque cabinet. The collection is one of the most important of its kind in Europe.

A real tourist attraction is the Ligna the Cerdanya often called the Yellow Train. It is a one meter gauge of 63 kilometers which reaches its highest point in Bolquere-Eyne at 1593 meters. Here is the highest railway station in France. There are nineteen tunnels on the route and two bridges. There are open and closed carriages of which the open carriages are preferred by tourists because they give a beautiful view over the mountains as the train slowly winds its way to the top. The speed limit is 55 km per hour and the train is electrically driven via a third rail with 850 volts DC. Power is generated by hydroelectric generators. The yellow and red colors of the train represent the Catalan flag.

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