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Chiclana de la Frontera


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Chiclana de la Frontera

Chiclana de la Frontera is a town and municipality in southwestern Spain, in Andalusia. Chiclana's vineyards have become a popular tourist attraction. Wine lovers come from afar to taste the products and learn about the history. The production of wine is done in a traditional way; the same methods are used since centuries.

Chiclana de la Frontera is a real Andalusian city, not just a tourist destination. It is still not taken over by mass tourism although the town attracts many visitors. Renovation and expansion of accommodations is thus a must.

Chiclana’s main tourist attractions are the nice sandy beaches and the wonderful temperatures. The La Barossa beach is one of the nicest beaches of the Cádiz region. It is situated at a few km from Chiclana and is divided in two parts.

One part has all touristic facilities like bars, restaurants, shops, showers, first aid, etc. The other part is still unspoiled and is located near Novo Sancti Petri.

Just like other towns in the area Chiclana de la Frontera has a tradition of craftsmanship. In many shops you can pick your choice of handcrafted products and souvenirs.

Chiclana’s surroundings are very green; the area is dominated by pine trees, well protected so that urbanization has to compromise with nature.

For those who like to travel around, the city of Cádiz is not that far away with its historical attractions, museums, parks and special fish restaurants

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