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Ciudad Real


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Ciudad Real

Ciudad Real is the capital of the province Ciudad Real and is located in the region of Castile la Mancha in Spain. The city has a population of 75,000 and is becoming increasingly popular among tourists. Ciudad Real is located in the heart of the mountains between the Montes de Toledo and Sierra Morena.

In the Middle Ages there were walls and towers around Ciudad Real to protect the city and its inhabitants. Today there are still some remains of the walls and towers like the Mudéjar gateway, the Puerta de Toledo.

The main church of Ciudad Real is the Iglesia de Santiago. It is the oldest church in the city and was constructed in the 13th century. The style is Gothic and inside there are Gothic paintings and sculptures. The most artistic church is the San Pedro, consisting of Gothic and Byzantine styles.

One of the most interesting museums of Ciudad Real is the Museo del Quixote and it is as its name indicates a museum about Don Quixote of the famous writer Cervantes. So you will find paintings about the story of Don Quixote, visit the library with all the books of Cervantes and see a copy of the living room in which the book was written.

The Cabaneros National Park is a large, beautiful area of pasture and mountain ranges covered with forest. It is the habitat of birds such as black vulture, eagles and large mammals, including wild boar and deer.

Another park is the National Park of Tablas de Daimiel which consists of wetlands that are the feeding grounds of many migratory birds as well as breeding birds. The wetlands are near the confluence of the rivers Guadiana and Ciguela. Mammals include otters and foxes. There is a visitor centre and you can have walks to little islands and observation hides.

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