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The Costa de la Luz stretches from Tarifa to the Portuguese border. Costa de la Luz literally means "Coast of Light", so called because of the bright sunlight reflected by the white beaches.

There are several nature reserves including the Doñana National Park, where many birds from northern Europe overwinter or have a stopover on their flight to Africa. In the Parque Natural Barbete there are many foxes and aurochs.

At the cape located at the coast of this park, Cabo Trafalgar Nelson defeated the French-Spanish fleet in 1805.

The city of Cádiz is the oldest city in Europe and the place where Columbus departed for his journey to America in 1492.

Because most of the time a stiff breeze blows from the Atlantic the Costa de la Luz is perfect for surfing and kite surfing. Tarifa is therefore the "surfing capital" of Spain.

With glorious sunshine almost throughout the year and the beautiful beaches the Costa de la Luz is also great for sunbathing. The places Cádiz, Huelva, Isla Cristina, Rota and Zahara are the most popular with a spacious and modern range of hotels, villas and apartments.

Costa de la Luz

The impressive coastline and crystal clear waters are an ideal place for diving, scuba diving and snorkeling. The nature reserve island Isla de las Palomas, Punta Umbria and the Cape of Trafalgar are the popular places for diving.

Isla Canela is connected by a bridge to Ayamonte. The area is surrounded by a nature reserve with many species of birds and other wildlife. There is a long golden beach where you can easily find your own private place in the sun.

Art and culture lovers can visit the Museum of Cádiz and Cádiz Court Museum for a trip into the past of the Phoenician and Roman culture, and an overview of Spanish painting art. In Jerez de la Frontera the La Atalaya Museum and the Andalusian Flamenco Centre are worth a visit. Seville offers plenty of shopping possibilities. The area around the Cabeza del Rey Don Pedro Street is filled with antique shops and galleries.

Do not forget to have a special fishy bite in one of the excellent restaurants along the coast. Cádiz is famous for its specialties. Tapas you can taste in an enormous assortment of choices in the tapas bars and chiringuitos.

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