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El Hierro


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El Hierro

El Hierro is the most southwestern island of the Canary Islands. In former days it was the most westerly point known in the European world.

El Hierro is a haven on earth for nature lovers and hikers. El Hierro has a perfect natural beauty with ever green lowlands, mountains and cliffs. It is a very quiet island with a population of only 10,600 inhabitants and a few towns. The beautiful flora and fauna, the mountain scenery and underwater nature make the island ideal for hikers and snorkelers. The island has the most volcanoes of the Canary Islands. There are about 500 of them, and most are in the south.

A particular landscape is found in El Sabinar, a plateau where a stiff wind often blows. Hundreds of junipers grow in this area, which have adopted the strangest forms because of the wind. Sabinosa is a picturesque village known for the Poso de la Salud, a medicinal spring.

El Golfo is the 14 km long coastline in the northwest of the island. The coast here consists of steep cliffs caused by an earthquake some 50,000 years ago, when part of the coast broke off and plunged into the sea. It is a beautiful area which is worth to visit. There are many vineyards and orchards in the area.

El Julán is a nature reserve in the southwest of El Hierro. The region is famous for the petro glyphs that the original inhabitants, the Bimbaches, left here. The drawings depict the life of this tribe. The main caves are those of Los Leteros. North of this area is the highest mountain of the island, the Malpaso, 1503 meters high.

El Hierro is a place to unwind and enjoy nature, not really for those searching the beach and sun. The few beaches are Tamaduste and Playa de Verodal, both are lava beaches. In Temijiraque is a sandy beach.

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