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El Puerto de Santa María

El Puerto de Santa María

El Puerto de Santa María is a city in Andalusia in southern Spain. The city is located 10 km northeast of Cádiz on the other side of the Bay of Cádiz, and is known as the port from which Columbus set sail for his second voyage America.

The Castillo de San Marco is a fortified church built in the 13th century by King Alphonse X of Castile. It was in this castle that Juan de la Cosa designed the first map of the world. The castle is a national monument since 1920.


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The Lonja Antigua (Old Fish Market) in the port dates back to the 18th century. The façade has a large number of arches, the center topped by "slide", a heraldic design. In recent decades, the building is used as a restaurant and pub.

In the harbor you will find the Plaza de Toros, the bullring built in 1880 in Neo-Mudéjar style. The building was a gift of sherry producer Thomas Osborne, who had it built with 12,816 seats, the exact population of the town at that time.

El Puerto also has some magnificent beaches, including the Vadalagrana beach. This beach is very popular amongst the kite surfers. The beach has good facilities and is a real beach for sport fans. For sun worshipers, the beaches of La Caleta, Santa Catlina and La Puntilla are more suitable.

El Puerto has many bodegas as it forms part of the so called sherry triangle. The production of several famous brands takes place in the city resulting in high quality wines.

You can cross the bay of Cádiz in a replica of the La Niña, one of the ships of Cristobal Colón. It is also possible to step on the ferry El Vaporcito. The ferry is a hundred years old and thus a cultural heritage. You will have a nice view of the bay and the coastline.

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