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Girona is quite a big city in Catalunya. The town has a population of 96,725 inhabitants. Girona is located 102 kilometers north of Barcelona at 75 meters above sea level. The rivers Ter and Onvar flow through the city.

Gerona is located at the junction of the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava. The city has a number of beautiful monuments in the center. You will find medieval ramparts and buildings in Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque style and the best preserved Jewish quarter in Europe.

It is quite a large city but not really crowded. Stroll around through the streets and enjoy its history, culture, restaurants, shops and events, there is a surprise waiting at every street corner.

A summary of some important monuments: the church of Sant Feliu. This church has a special blend of the three styles mentioned above. When you walk along the side of the church you will arrive at the gate of Sobre Portes. This is the ancient and medieval gate in the former defense wall.

The gate gives way to the Plaza Catedral with the great cathedral of Girona. The church is one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in Spain. The architect was Jaume Fabre from Mallorca.

Inside the cathedral you will find a collection of impressive devotional artwork. The Tapestry of Creation is in the cathedralís museum. This carpet is a Romanesque embroidered tapestry from the 11th century. The carpet is 3.65 x 4.70 meters tall and depicts the Biblical creation story.

The Jewish Historical Museum is located in the former Jewish Quarter. This building stands on the site where once the last known synagogue of the city had its place. If you want to know more about the history of the Jewish community in Girona you should definitely visit this museum.

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