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Huelva is a city in southwestern Spain. It is the capital of the province and has around 150,000 inhabitants. Huelva has remains from the Roman period.

The Huelva Museum has two major sections: Archaeology and Fine Arts. Especially the archaeology part has significant archaeological objects. It gives an idea of the history of Huelva from the Neolithic to the Roman period. There is an interesting collection of Roman mining materials and tools of the Rio Tinto, including a water wheel, the only one of its kind in Spain. In the art department mainly works by contemporary local artists are displayed.

The Iglesia de la Merced is one of the best examples of Baroque architecture in the province of Huelva. The Church is a cathedral since 1953. The building has a pink exterior and a bright white marble interior. The cathedral still dominates the Plaza de la Merced, an elegant square surrounded by palm trees.

Doñana National Park is one of Europe's most important wetlands and a favorite place for migratory birds. The area is huge, more than 1300 km2, and covers a great part of the provinces of Huelva, Seville and Cádiz. The area is internationally renowned for its great ecological value.

The El Espigon beach in Huelva is popular with surfers. It is a long and pristine beach in a beautiful natural setting.

Furthermore, there are great beaches in Punta Umbria, such as Playa Punta Umbria, a beach with excellent facilities. There is also the Playa de la Bota, unspoiled and isolated in an area of sand dunes and pine forests.

Huelva flourished as the Rio Tinto's export harbour. The Rio Tinto pier is still one of the greatest architectural monuments. There is also a so-called English quarter, a small residential district built for the British company workers. The archaeological section of the Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes has a collection of findings from the Rio Tinto area.

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