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Jerez de la Frontera


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Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera is a town in the Spanish province of Cádiz in Andalusia.

Jerez is well known for its production of sherry. When you walk through the streets you can smell the scent of sherry from the bodegas. In August/September the city celebrates the Vendimia, a harvest feast with fair and markets.

A visit of the Alcazar in Jerez is a must. The Moorish fortress was built in the 10th century. The complex is not large, but includes a mosque, Arab baths, towers, gardens, patios and the Palacio Villavicencio. The Hall of the Ambassadors in the palace holds decorations that resemble those of the Alhambra in Granada. In the entrance of the complex is an exhibition of modern art.

The Santiago church was originally a chapel built in 1362 in Gothic style, and later extended with a Baroque tower in 1663. The sacristy was added in 1603 in a rather sober style. Striking in the interior is the altar in neo-Gothic style.

And what is Jerez without its sherry? Sandeman invites you to visit its wineries. You can have a guided tour with an English speaking guide. You can taste various Sherries and snacks (tapas).

For more information about the world of sherry, you can take a journey through sherry land in the museum "The Mystery of Jerez" in the La Atalya estate.

The other museum of La Atalya is the "Palace of Time". Here you will find a unique collection of over 300 clocks and watches from the 17th to the 19th century. There are ten rooms in which color, light and sound create a special atmosphere.

The Plaza de Toros (bullring) dates from 1839 and has a typically eclectic style. The arena is only open during certain celebrations for bullfighting, such as the Fiesta de la Buleria in September. The ring is also used for festivals and concerts.

Jerez is a peaceful town with many interesting attractions. A nice example of an ordinary Andalusian city. The city is a good start for a vacation and can be used as a starting point to explore the area.

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