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La Gomera


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La Gomera

La Gomera is one of the smallest islands of the Canary Islands. It has a total of 378 km2 and has about 21,000 inhabitants.

Columbus had his last stop on La Gomera in 1492 before he began his crossing of the ocean to America. The house in San Sebastián, where he lived for a while is now a tourist attraction.

La Gomera is a paradise for nature lovers. The volcanic origin can still be seen. From the middle of the island barrancos (ravines) run in all directions to the coast. These canyons are covered with laurisilva, rainforest laurel trees. The ravines, along with the plateau, with its lush vegetation form the Garajonay National Park, which is listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO. On the slopes in this area many walking paths offer plenty of challenges for walkers. The area radiates a mystical atmosphere with clouds ceaselessly streaming over the tree tops of the hills.

For beach lovers there is Playa de Santiago, a fishing village, and the famous Valle Gran Rey. The valley is a real jewel of the island with its fertile green terraces. The three volcanic beaches of Valle Gran Rey tie in perfectly with this. It is an ideal place for sunsets, while you taste the culinary delights that the valley offer her guests in the small restaurants.

The islanders remain faithful to their culture. Goats and donkeys still play an important role in everyday life. Making pots and other handicrafts is still part of the culture.

On the rugged coastline with cliffs at Alajeró and Carretón are the spectacular cliffs of Los Organos, with its column-like structure, where a variety of sea birds have their breeding ground.

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