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The northwestern island of the Canary Islands, La Palma, offers great opportunities for ecotourism, and is therefore loved by hikers.

Most visitors visit the island to enjoy the beautiful nature and authentic culture. The island is by far the most beautiful of the Canary Islands and one of the most spectacular in the world.

The original inhabitants of La Palma were the Benahoares, whose origin is still undetermined. They were divided into different tribes led by chiefs. The main remnants of this culture are cave dwellings, petro glyphs and stone-paved paths laid out through the mountains.

La Palma is a paradise for hikers who love nature. There is an extensive network of hiking trails.

The Parque Nacional de la Caldere the Taburiente is centrally located on the island. The Caldere is a giant cauldron surrounded by mountain peaks over 2,000 meters, which opens up in a deep ravine, the Barranco de Las Angustias (the Gorge of Sorrows). Beautiful waterfalls come down from the steep cliffs, which are furrowed with gullies and ravines filled with pine. In the cauldron itself amazing rock formations create a great landscape. The Roque de Los Muchachos is the highest point with a height of 2,426 meters above sea level and 6,000 meters from the bottom of the ocean. Walking into this huge erosion crater is a great experience.

La Palma

In addition to climbing and descending into the canyons, you can continue to enjoy the beaches. The finest and most popular are Puerto Naos and Charco Verde in Los Lanos de Aridane, La Zamora in Fuencaliente, Los Cancajos in Brena Baja and Nogales in Puntallana. There are plenty of watersports to entertain you.

Santa Cruz, the capital of La Palma has a rich colonial history, which you can find in the 16th century architecture and the various interesting collections in the museums.

The Llano de Arugal was the first colonial settlement on the island and the houses here are the best examples of the stately architecture of the 16th century. A fine example is the Van Massieu Dalle mansion. This house was the home of the Monteverde family, the owners of one of the first sugar plantations. Slaves worked the fields, camels transported timber for the mill. Water from the Caldere was led through channels to the plantation. The aqueduct still watches proudly over the valley. The Massieu house has been recently restored and is the place where local handicrafts are exhibited and sold. Other interesting mansions are Sotomayo estate (the oldest) and Poggio Maldonado.

La Palma offers a particularly beautiful nature and numerous possibilities for relaxation. From the highest peaks to the deepest gorges. Or in other words from the center of the earth to the depths of the ocean.

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