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Las Alpujarras


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Las Alpujarras

Las Alpujarras is a mountainous area in the southern Spanish autonomous region of Andalusia. The area is located on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada, roughly between the cities of Granada and Almería. The landscape is characterized by fertile valleys and impressive mountains in a calm and authentic setting. The "Moorish" architecture of the houses in the villages is typical of the Alpujarras and is characterized by a cubic style reminiscent of the Berber architecture of Morocco. The whitewashed houses are built in a terraced way on the slopes often linked together by means of the flat roofs.

The region has a great natural beauty. The warm southern climate in combination with the water supply through the rivers creates a particularly fertile environment. Due to the steep terrain crops can only be grown in small fields. There are many fruit trees, such as oranges, grapes, lemons, figs and almonds.

The largest villages in the area are Lanjaron with its ruins and baths, and Orgia, Ugijar, Laujar and Barja. These villages are all located at a considerable height. The village of Trevélez is situated at an altitude of 1,500 meters. The steep slopes give the impression that the villages are sticked to it and their flat roofs and balconies hanging over the narrow streets create a picturesque appearance.

The area is known as the last refuge of the Moors, who after the fall of the Kingdom of Granada stayed there for 150 years. The influence of the Moorish culture is not completely disappeared and can mainly be found in agriculture, architecture, local cuisine, the local way of carpet weaving and the various Arab place names.

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