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Los Cancajos


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Los Cancajos

Los Cancajos is a seaside resort on the Canary island of La Palma, located on the east coast not far from the capital Santa Cruz de la Palma.

Los Cancajos is surrounded by great nature and it is advisable to hike a lot in the area or grab a bike and see the surroundings from the saddle. The green land with the black beach, deep blue sea and the jagged rocks create an idyllic sense.

The beautiful sandy beach of Los Cancajos is a pleasant place to spend a whole day enjoying the sun and sea. The beach is wide and consists of three small coves fringed by rocks.

You can participate in all kinds of water sports and even scuba diving. The oceanís underwater world will surprise you with tunnels and caves filled with turtles, rays and trumpet fish.

Santa Cruz, the main city of La Palma, is ten minutes from Los Cancajos and has a rich colonial history, which you can find in its 16th century architecture and the collections in its museums. Have a shopping day in the quaint shops and good food in a nice restaurant or tapas bar and visit the bars for a night out.

La Palma is a paradise for walkers and hikers who love nature. There is an extensive network of hiking trails. The Parque Nacional de la Caldera de Taburiente is centrally located on the island. A giant cauldron surrounded by peaks of over 2,000 meters. Beautiful waterfalls coming down the steep walls, which are furrowed with gullies and ravines filled with pine trees. In the deep crater there are extraordinary rock formations which create an amazing landscape.

The beautiful deep ravine Las Angustias forms a natural output of the Caldera. Other interesting places for a hike are Birigoyo Bejenado and Marcos y Cordero.

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