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Los Llanos de Aridane


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Los Llanos de Aridane is a place on the Canary island of La Palma. The city is the largest in terms of number of inhabitants of the island.

Los Llanos is located in the west of the island in the Aridane valley, on the leeward side and sunny side of the island.

In the center of Los Llanos is the Plaza de Espana, surrounded by interesting historic buildings. In front of the church Los Remedios throw enormous Indian laurels their shadows over the square. These laurels are together with royal palms brought from Cuba by migrants in the 19th century. These trees are the symbol of the city and became an inspiration for poets and visitors by their impressive appearance and age. The church is a few centuries old and you'll find a harmonious combination of Mudéjar art and traditions in it.

The Town Hall of Los Llanos was initially housed in a historic house where now the Culture Center resides. The present town hall was built in 1945 in regional style by the architect Tomas Machado. The facade has many balconies and inside the hall there are seven paintings by Antonio Suarez Gonzalez Palma, which portray historical events.

When you drive from Los Llanos in the direction of Tazacorte you come along the Llano de Arugal. This was the first colonial settlement on the island and the houses here are the best examples of stately architecture in the valley. An example is the Massieu Dalle House. It was from this house that the family Monteverde ran their sugar plantation in the 16th century. Water of the caldera was led through channels to the plantation. The aqueduct still stands as a proud relic of that time. Other houses are Sotomayo (the oldest) and Poggio Maldonado.

The beach of Puerto Naos invites you for a glorious day in the sun and the water. Puerto Naos has a promenade along the entire natural black beach with cozy terraces, where you can enjoy the views and beautiful sunsets. Further to the south lies the Charco Verde beach. Here is an old source that was used for medical purposes.

Los Llanos de Aridane

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