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Marbella is a cosmopolitan resort in Andalusia in the south coast of Spain. Puerto Banus is the most prestigious marina of the Mediterranean Sea.

Marbella may be a modern resort but walking through the streets of the old town, you still taste the atmosphere of the old fishing village.

It still exudes the atmosphere of a traditional Andalusian town at the sea, with its tree-lined piazzas, beautiful churches, whitewashed houses and buildings and cobblestone paved streets.

The heart of the old city is the Plaza de los Naranjos, named for the orange trees that grow there. On the square are many notable buildings, including the Town Hall from the 16th century, the Casa del Corregido from the 17th century and the Renaissance fountain at the centre of the 15th century.

Las Muralles del Castillo in the old town are the remains of a Moorish castle and the old city walls. It was built in the 10th century and later enlarged in the 14th century.

The castle was surrounded by watchtowers, but the ravages of time have taken take their toll and they are all gone. Currently the walls and part of the castle are restored.

The Museo del Bonsai (Bonsai Museum) is located in the beautiful Parque de la Represa. The museum houses a large collection of miniature bonsai trees. The many bonsais, rock gardens and landscaped gardens radiate an oriental atmosphere.

The Playa de Fontanilla is ideal to relax. It is a kilometer long beach and has all the facilities one would expect from a good beach. There are a number of beach bars and several good restaurants.

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