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Mieres is a municipality in Asturias in Spain with approximately 45,000 inhabitants Mieres is located in a mountainous environment with its major population areas in the valleys of the river Caudal.

Mieres is not directly the number one place on the tourist agenda in Asturias, but it has some good museums, cultural centers, interesting restaurants and bars. It also has a good shopping center with a great indoor market. The main tourist attractions are the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista and the Jovellanos Park. The main square Plaza de Requejo is popular with its provincial Asturian appearance and a good place to relax with a fine meal and glass after a walk through the old center of Mieres.

Asturias has a well know fishing industry connected to the sea. But for those who like to cast a line in the many rivers there is a good chanceto catch salmon or trout. Check if you need a license.

Castros are the remains of Celtic, Roman and pre-historic villages and forts in the region that represent the first human culture. They are found throughout Europe, but Asturias has the finest and most complete examples.

The mountain range Picos de Europa is a stunning area full of an interesting flora and fauna. The mountain range is located not far from the coast. It is a national reserve and famous for its rugged terrain many rivers and gorges. The Picos is the ideal environment for your active holiday. Hiking, biking, climbing, swimming, fishing and more activities are amongst the list of sports.

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