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Mojácar is a town in the Spanish province of Almeria in Andalusia. Mojácar is divided into two parts. The actual village of Mojácar (Pueblo) is situated on a hill, and is traditionally Spanish with narrow, steep streets. The more tourist Mojácar (Playa) is located by the sea.

Pueblo offers visitors a wealth of history, culture and architecture. On the other hand Playa has some spectacular beaches.

Mojácar has always attracted many artists and writers. With its Moorish appearance and impressive views over the sea it will always fascinate people.

The fine sandy beaches of Mojácar stretch over many kilometers and consist of wide bays, but also secluded lagoons. The secluded and quiet beaches are ideal for anyone who wants to relax, sunbathe or snorkel.

Mojácar Pueblo, the old town, not far from the beach has many attractions with its rich history of Roman ruins, Moorish fortresses and medieval architecture. Stroll through the labyrinth of narrow streets with their lively market stalls, chapels and shady courtyards and enjoy the typical Andalusian hospitality.

Mojácar is surrounded by great nature. There are plenty of forests, semi-deserts, mountains and sand dunes to explore for your walks or a ride by bike to enjoy the rich flora and fauna in a stunning wild setting.

Another experience is the Oasis Western Theme Park and Zoo in the desert of Tabernas. Many famous westerns were filmed here. In the park there is a small museum with cameras, projectors and mementos. There are still daily shootouts between the sheriff and bandits. Grap a beer in the saloon or take a dip in the pool. The zoo is worth a visit with its many interesting animal species.

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