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Níjar is small municipality in the province of Almeria in Andalusia. Nijarís main sources of income are tourism, especially the water sports centre of San José, and its greenhouses.

Nijar is an old Moorish town and well known for its handcrafts in pottery, ceramics and textiles. Nijar lies just on the edge of the natural park Cabo de Gata. Nijar is a picturesque town, which guarantees visitors a touch of the real Andalusia.

Nijar has quite some affordable hotels and hostels and a good choice of interesting pubs and restaurants offering delicious local dishes.

As well as the famous crafts and ceramics of Níjar, there is also a strong agricultural economy. The landscape around Nijar is one full of farms and mills. The growing of citrus fruits adds a great fragrance to the air when the oranges are in full bloom. The watering systems around Nijar are originating centuries ago and are left by the Moors. Alongside the growing of fruits, there is an enormous quantity of peppers, garlic, alfalfa and beans partly in the greenhouses.

In the main square, La Plaza de la Constitucion, is the Mudéjar style 16th century Church of Santa Maria. The tower which was built for defence rather than for religious reasons was constructed first, followed later by the rest of the building. Inside the church is a fine example of Mudéjar woodwork craftsmanship.

Nijarís life is filled with the clattering sounds of weaving machines producing the blankets and rugs. The famous Nijar pottery still carries the remarkable Arabic designs and coulours from the old centuries.There are five ceramic workshops in Nijar and craftsmen came from many parts of the world to live here, thus adding new designs and colours to the pottery and still making it a popular and very flourishing industry.

The nearby village of San José is a fishing port in the centre of the Natural Park Cabo de Gata. There are several interesting beaches and coves and the area is great for snorkeling.

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