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PortAventura is a theme park located in Salou. The park scores high on the top 10 list of most visited theme parks in Europe. Since 2002 there is also PortAventura Aquatic Park.

In 1995, the park opened as part of the U.S. group Universal Studios and then carried the name Mediterranea Universal Studios Port Aventura. The talisman of the Park is Woody Woodpecker.

PortAventura consists of six thematic areas: Mediterranea, Polynesia, China, Mexico, Sesame Street and Far West. In each zone you will find original vegetation of that area.

Mediterranea is located at the entrance. The outward appearance is that of a Spanish port. Woody Woodpecker has its own statue here and all the souvenir shops resemble small houses in Mediterranean style. In the morning there is a welcome show at the lake, in the evening you will be entertained with a true spectacle of great fountains and light shows. The range of attractions in this area is somewhat limited. Apart from several fast rides you can board a train for a ride through the park or a boat to step in Marco Polo’s footsteps.

In Polynesia an abundance of palm trees and ferns welcome you in an environment of waterfalls and ponds. You will find here the attractions Tutika Splash, a water ride and Kon Tiki Wave, a beautiful rocking boat. There is a 4D simulator, the Sea Odyssey and there are several traditional dance shows.

In China you can admire the typical oriental buildings and take a walk on the mini version of the Great Wall. The main attraction in this park is the Dragon Khan, a multi-loop rollercoaster, but since 2012, it is the Shambhala which is the most impressive ride.

In Mexico, you will find the culture of the Aztecs and the Mayas mirrored in the facades of the shops, restaurants and theatres. The main attraction here is the Free Fall Tower, where you fall a 100 meters down. Really amazing in this area is the Temple of Fire, an Aztec temple with a great spectacle of fire dances and stunts.

Cacti and saloons are the image of the Far West area. You'll find three wooden roller coasters including the Stampida and the water attractions Grand Canyon Rapids and Silver River Flume. In one of the buildings a Can Can show takes place.

Sesame Street is the newest theme in PortAventura where all the characters from Sesame Street have created a fantastic world. There are ten attractions complemented with a theater, a catering business and a shop.

The PortAventura Aquatic Park is the water park which is situated next to the amusement park. In the park you will find a total of fourteen attractions and restaurants and shops.

There are four hotels and the park has its own private beach for the guests. There are swimming pools, a sporting area and a restaurant. Two golf courses complete this part of the park.

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