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Ripoll is a town in the province of Girona in the Spanish autonomous region of Catalunya.

The first traces of human occupation date back to the Bronze Age. There are dolmens found from this period in Pardinella and El Sot de Dones Mortres. From later periods there are graves from the Roman and Visigoth times.

Ripoll is said to be the cradle of Catalunya and much of the Catalan history can be found here.

Ripoll was built around the Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria de Ripoll of the 9th century at the confluence of the rivers Ter and the Freser.

This Romanesque monastery was seen as one of the most important religious centers in medieval Catalunya.

The portal of the church is exceptionally richly carved with biblical stories like Genesis and Exodus. The cloister dates partly from the 12th and partly from the 14th century. It has a double row of pillars and the capitals are decorated with both Romanesque and Gothic scenes.

Ripoll has an ethnographic museum with an exhibition on the history and art of the region; you will find mostly weapons, pottery, art objects and textiles.

The Vall de Núria offers you spectacular mountain scenery you can visit via a cog railway. The line is 12.5 km long and rises to a height of 1,000 meters.

Comfortably seated in a luxurious lounge train you can enjoy a truly majestic view and get detailed explanation of the surroundings while enjoying the served pastries.

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