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Ronda is a city in the Spanish province Málaga located 100 km west of Málaga city. Ronda is situated at an altitude of 750 meters in the mountains in central Andalusia. The river Guadelevin splits the town in half and has a deep gorge known as El Tajo, spanned by three famous bridges.

In the 18th century bullfighting became more and more important in the area of Ronda. In 1784, therefore, the Plaza de Toros was built. It is one of the oldest bullfighting arenas of Spain right now. There are still four fights a year being held in September. For the rest of the year it is used as a museum.

There are three historic bridges spanning the 120 meter deep El Tajo gorge. One of them, the latest and greatest is the Puente Nuevo. The bridge was built in 1751, and it took a total of 42 years to finish it. There is a room under the central arch, which was used for various purposes, such as a prison. The room is now used as an exhibition space showing the history of the bridge.

The Arab baths of Ronda originate from the period of domination by the Almohads of Ronda. The baths are from the 12th century and are the best preserved baths in Spain. The water from the Guadalevin was led in the baths through a small aqueduct and a waterwheel. The buildings consisted of three baths (cold, warm and hot), a reception room, a dressing room and a boiler.

The City Museum is located in the Mondagon Palace, a magnificent building and probably the most impressive of Ronda. The exhibition gives an overview of the history and heritage of the city’s archeology. The environmental department has an overview of the different nature reserves of the region.

From Ronda you can visit the Sierra de las Nieves nature park. The park has a rugged hilly terrain and unspoilt nature. There are a number of caves and caverns in the area such as Cuevas del Moro and Hoyos del Pilar. It is a beautiful area for long walks or a tour by car. The roads in the area are excellent and you have fantastic views at every turn.

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