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Roses is a municipality in the Spanish province of Girona in the autonomous region of Catalunya. The city is located about 30 kilometers from the French border, 65 kilometers from Girona and 160 kilometers from Barcelona. As well as tourism, the fishing industry remained very important for the town.

Hikers can enjoy a number of detailed routes, such as coastal walks, olives routes and megaliths route that runs along numerous dolmens and menhirs. The Dolmen de la Creu the Cobertella is an example of this.

Most megaliths date from the Neolithic period. A dolmen is a megalithic prehistoric stone chamber. Menhirs are large stones that were used for the formation of megaliths.

The Bay of Roses offers a wide choice of beautiful long beaches of fine sand with all the facilities you can think of plus charming small coves below the cliffs. Water sport facilities you will find anywhere on the beaches like water skiing, parasailing, surfing, sailing and fishing. The main beach is Platja de Roses, this is divided into three sections and is 1.7 km long.

The protected coast of the Cap de Creus nature reserve is an ideal place for scuba divers and snorkelers. The Cap de Creus has a rugged coastline with deep water and high cliffs. Small bays are often only accessible from the sea. More inland, there are meadows and forests. The eastern extremity is a famous place for migratory birds.

The Ciutadella is a fortress from the 16th century which stood on the place where the Greek city was founded in 776 BC. The Romans developed here a fishing port. The citadel was built in the time of Carlos I, but was later destroyed by the French. The floor plan of the streets and the remains of the later monastery are still there. There is a museum with exhibition room, a visitor center and a café.

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