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Santa Pola is a beautiful little town located just outside Alicante in the Valencian community. At first glance it reminds you of the Roman Empire and the powerful Romans that wanted to conquer everything, but when you get to actually know it, you will soon realize that Santa Pola is much more than that. It preserves the fire of the Latin blood that pours through their veins and it mixes this passion with the peace and serenity of the sea, air and earth. A combination that you will end up loving until the very end.

Besides wonderful beaches like El Pinet, Tamarit or Varadero, your mind and spirit can also be engaged in plenty of cultural and relaxing activities. You can visit the famous Salt or Maritime Museums, the Local Galleries, the Aquarium, the Roman Villa ďEl Palmeral,Ē the Fortress of the Duke of Arcos or the amazing Lighthouse.

Enough with the culture, I know. You also want to do some shopping or to grab a bite to eat, right? Well donít miss the Commercial centres of Gran Alacant and Polamax. Here you can find lots of shops, supermarkets, restaurants or coffee places. But donít just eat there, not that the services are not good, but because you would feel so much better eating in a restaurant by the sea, where you can relax with a glass of wine and some amazing food. Traditional, Spanish, Italian, Asian for under Ä20.00, the offer is very diverse and suitable for anyone and whatever you do, donít miss the churros. They are Delicious!

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