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Sierra del Cadi


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Sierra del Cadi

The Sierra del Cadi is a mountain range in the north of Catalunya and is part of the Pyrenees. With 2,648 meters the Vulturó is the highest peak. The Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park was established in 1983 to environmentally protect the Sierra del Cadi.

The Natural Park Sierra del Cadi is the largest park in Catalunya and extends over the provinces of Barcelona, Girona and Lleida. The chain of limestone mountains and hills is part of the Pre-Pyrenees. The cliffs in the northern part of the mountain are the most overwhelming. They are almost vertical and rise up from deep valleys. The Pedraforca massif looks like a fork and is the most famous and beloved part by climbers.

Flora and fauna are very special in this area. Thanks to diverse height differences and climatic conditions there is a wide variety of plant species. There are plants from the cold regions, from central European and plants from the Alps and the Mediterranean regions and all of these within the same territory.

Above 2,000 meters you will find Alpine roses, gentian and thistles. Among the 2,000 meter mark there are mainly pine forests mixed with juniper and rhododendron. The lower parts are beech, oak and spruce. Unique in the area is the parsley chamois which grows on the lower flanks of rocks and cliffs.

Among the animals, there are a lot of chamois and red deer. Furthermore, many green frogs, salamanders, green owls and black woodpeckers (the mascot of the park). In the streams and rivers, there are three types of fish: trout and mountain and red mullet.

Interesting places worth to visit for their traditional architecture are Castellar de n'Hug, Saldes with its castle ruins and Gósol where Picasso used to paint. Roman architecture you can find in Sant Llorenç, Sant Jaume and Sant Vincente.

The main sporting activity in the park is hiking. You can determine the difficulty level depending on the terrain, prepare yourself well and get good equipment. In total there are 400 km of marked trails.

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