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Tarifa is a small town located on the southern tip of Spain. The city is located on the Strait of Gibraltar.

Tarifa is named after a Berbers warlord Tarif ibn Malik. After the Moorish conquest of southern Spain the city was a fortified city and became part of the Taifa Algecias and later Seville. In 1292 it was conquered by Sancho IV of Castile and then remained in Spanish hands.

Tarifa is the most southern point of the European mainland. It is only 14 km from Morocco across the Mediterranean. Thanks to the Moorish influence it has a cozy old center with a maze of streets that resembles North Africa.

Tarifa is very popular amongst wind and kite surfers for the strong winds that blow from the Atlantic Ocean create great surfing conditions. The golden beaches of Tarifa are therefore not only dotted with sun worshipers but also with kites and surfboards of the surfers.

The Iglesia de San Mateo can be found in the main street of the old town. The church has a Baroque style on the outside and a Gothic interior. The church dates back to the 15th century, although a tomb indicates that there was already a church that stood there before in the Moorish period.

The Castillo de Guzmán el Bueno was built in 960 by Caliph of Córdoba on what they thought the ruins of an ancient Roman military camp. The castle is now completely reconstructed and is used for events and also houses the tourist information center.

The fortress is open for public visiting and offers a great view of the coastline.

The beaches of Tarifa are excellent with golden sand, dunes and forests. A walking path stretches from Punta Paloma to Bolonia. For surfers there is Hurricane Beach and for sunbathing Bolonia Beach is the best.

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